CrossFit Sensation Christmas Abbott Gives Us A Sneak Peak Into Her Badass Life

christmas abbott

Christmas Abbott, the pint sized pistol whipping babe brings an attitude like none other to all of her endeavors. This ultimate girl boss brings the perfect combination of class & sass to each of the many hats she wears as: a National Best Selling Author, gym owner, NASCAR pit crew front tire changer, Nationally recognized Olympic Weightlifter, Crossfit competitor, Crossfit HQ Head Fitness Trainer, and Model.

Though Christmas wasn’t born a natural athlete and faced a slew of bad decision and influences – she continued to climb to get to where she is today. Through relentless passion and more hustle than anyone in the field, Christmas has earned her title as Fitness Mogul, Business Woman, and Inspirational figure to millions.

Christmas’s National Best Selling Book, The Badass Body Diet ignited a community of badass individuals seeking a lifestyle change. By teaching the everyday person to understand macronutrients, how to eat right for their specific body type, how to read a label & much more, Christmas has started a revolution in the health & wellness community.

Christmas’s program’s focus on simplicity and scalability. Her online programs coupled with the Badass Body Diet nutritional guidelines have produced significant, gender neutral results. Christmas’s Badass Body Life seeks to inspire others to discover their self-worth, ultimately, ridding the world of self-doubt one relentless rebel at a time.

christmas abbott

Christmas Abbott is an exceptionally talented and highly accomplished woman with many talents. She is a:

1. Professional Athlete

CrossFit Games Competitor, Olympic Weightlifter, NASCAR Pit Crew

2. Branding Advisor

Christmas works with individuals and teams to craft their own unique brand, helping them to put their best foot forward and share their passion with others.

3. Transformational Guru 

Oxygen Magazine Trainer Challenge Head Trainer, Badass Body Diet Creator, Online Fitness Coach.

4. Motivational Speaker

National Best Selling Author, The Body Review Seminar, Keynote Speaker

Christmas Abbott is in conversation with Namita Nayyar, President – Women Fitness.

Ms. Namita Nayyar: You participated in athletics in your early days while in middle school. During your experience as a civilian contractor in Iraq you found the inspiration to change. It was then that you discovered CrossFit. Later you became a member of the highly-respected CrossFit Headquarters Seminar Staff and led your team to the Mid-Atlantic Regionals for the CrossFit games for consecutively three years. What factors you consider were responsible that made you achieve that?

Ms. Christmas Abbott: Myself and a few others created a “misfit” style team. We were all just in it for the love of competition and wanting to make it to the top. I had never had a team of people like that before so it was so exciting to be on a dedicated team where everyone took their role seriously. There was a lot of learning about each other and ourselves during this time, which is exactly what teamwork is about. Communication was key, and I still stand by that!

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