Choosing Between Yoga & Pilates

Pilates is more about toning your core, while yoga is better for relaxation and flexibility.


Pilates and yoga are perfectly well-rounded forms of fitness. Yoga varies in styles, including hatha and vinyasa whereas Pilates varies in practice — on a mat or machines — as well as the speed at which it’s taught.

There are few characteristics that make them alike, and others that set them apart. Pilates and yoga both focus on breath, alignment, balance, strength and flexibility. They both require you to be present and use your entire body. Both can be done barefoot and have set moves and poses — a few of which overlap.

Pilates vs. Yoga

Pilates is a tried and true method of reducing physical pain and recovering from injury. Yoga, on the other hand, has been used as part of mental and emotional rehabilitation.

Strengthening your core is main area of focus in Pilates class which can give you better balance in yoga whereas increasing your flexibility in yoga class will enable you to move bigger and deeper in Pilates.


Pilates tends to have a greater focus on muscle toning. For those trying to lose weight, using different Pilates machine adds the cardio and fitness element to burn additional calories. There are no machines in yoga practice. Equipment-based workouts use many of the same movements as in a mat class, but with added resistance. Mat Pilates is great for many people, but it can be more challenging for those with decreased mobility or poor core strength.

Pilates focuses on small movements that require the use of important stabilising muscles of the back and core. There is a strong emphasis on starting each exercise with a controlled breath that initiates a contraction of the core muscles. Mindfulness and deep breathing are key features in a yoga practice.

Choose one that fits your requirement.


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