Brazilian Supermodel Julia Pereira Unveils Her Fitness Secrets

Julia Pereira

Women Fitness’ First Exclusive Interview on its 17th Anniversary:

Brazilian Supermodel Julia Pereira

Julia Pereira began modeling at a very young age. Her first big break was a cover shoot for Italy’s Posh magazine in 2005. Pereira has worked in Milan, Barcelona, and Paris before transitioning to work mostly in New York and Miami.

Julia is a multi-talented woman who alongwith being a Top Model is also a celebrated Swimsuit Designer. Julia recently appeared at the runway of the Miami Swimweek.

Julia Pereira is world leading model and swimsuit designer. She is in conversation with Namita Nayyar, President Women Fitness. Catch up on her latest secrets!

Julia Pereira


Ms. Namita Nayyar: You began modeling at the young age of 16. Your career took off when you did the cover shoot for Italy’s Posh magazine in 2005. Since then you have modeled for top brands in Milan, Barcelona, Paris, New York and Miami. Tell us something about this incredible modeling journey?

Ms. Julia Pereira: Actually I’ve been modeling since I was 8 years old along with my twins brothers Cassiano and Carla. The three of us are fraternal triplets and we were doing some modeling jobs together at that time.

When I was 15, I was scouted by a big agency that first asked me to move to Sao Paulo and at the age of 16 I started traveling abroad and modeling full time. I’ve lived in Barcelona, Milan, Paris, London, NY, Miami and traveled to many others. Its been a great journey and every job for me is an achievement and a step that counts to build a solid career.


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