Blue Eye Make-up is Back, with a Bang!

 Blue Eye Make-up is Back, with a Bang

Women Fitness brings you the top makeup tricks for blue eyes that will truly make your peepers stand out better than anything at all! Blue eye make-up – from cobalt liners to turquoise shadows – was a big trend backstage at SS16 shows.

  • Blue Eye Liner:  When we talk of blue eyeliners, they can either look very flattering or not suitable at all, varying from person to person. Pick blue eyeliner in any form you prefer- pencil, gel or liquid. I am taking pencil eyeliner by Revlon which happens to be one of my favorite blues. Just draw a light stroke going along the shape of your eyes. If you are trying blue eyeliner for the first time, go for a darker shade of blue since darker ones suit Indian eyes more than their lighter counterparts. You can shop for Max Factor Kohl Pencil Eye Liner, No.060 Ice Blue,$11
  • Blue Eye Shadow:  Turquoise and aqua shadow is in to give elegance and poise to your eyes. This season it is bound to top the hot eyeshadow color charts globally. If you are one of those who are planning to sport a blue-eyed look, then it is better to keep in mind that this colour does not suit every skin tone, eye or hair colour. Certainly, there are variations of colour that can blend with different skin tones; and you can get the perfect look provided you choose the right shade as well as the right technique to apply. Blue eye shadow particularly looks best on women with black hair or brunette hair. Dark colours or a combination of light and dark shades goes well with the Indian skin tone that usually has black to brown eyes. If you have real dark complexion as African American women, then choose a shimmery light bluish colour. Try Guerlain – Ecrin 4 Couleurs Long Lasting Eyeshadow – #12 Les Aqua for $129.39  or Divine Skin & Cosmetics Mineral Matte Eyeshadow Hyacinth for $13.99 only.

  • Blue Mascara: Choose a shade that will flatter your eyes. Generally a lighter shades will be able to make your eye color much brighter. If you want attention, go for shades like bright turquoise. Avoid matching your coloured mascara to your eyeshadow. This can make your eyes look too busy. Instead, choose complementary colours as they will make your eyes pop a bit more. For example, if you’re wearing peachy pink shades on your eyes go for a mascara in a green hue. Dark blue mascara will work like eye brighteners that will create a whiter eye illusion. On the other hand, electric blue mascara will be most suitable for girls who want to go for a night out. Go for brighter and vivid blue mascara for evening function and a less vibrant blue shade during the day. Try Maybelline Great Lash Limited Edition I See Blue Mascara for $8.00 only or 472 Turquoise Crush – Loreal Paris Voluminous Color Creations Mascara($5.49).

Remember, looking great is not about the amount of money you spend on your beauty products — rather it’s about applying the proper techniques and colors to enhance your best natural-born features.


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