Best Winter Getaways For End Minute Planners

The winter months can mean different things for different people. Depending on where you live, you may experience a range of mild to harsh winter climates. Regardless of where you fall on that scale, most of us will be experiencing some major changes and generally colder months ahead. For some, this time of year is celebrated while others tend to fall into a more sedentary lifestyle staying more frequently indoors which can also lead to depressed feelings…. But who says you have to stay put this winter?! Sometimes all you need is some much needed FUN to escape those winter blues! 

Best Winter Getaways

I know what you’re thinking…. With all the hustle and bustle of juggling work, family gatherings, the holidays, etc. – where do I find the time to plan a fun getaway this winter? Fortunately, with the help of sites such as, Groupon, Living Social, Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline, and Trip Advisor, to name a few, planning adventures quickly and on a budget have become much easier. If you find yourself short on time and need help in the “planning” department, you may also want to seek the help of an experienced travel professional or agent. They will help you customize the getaway of your dreams while staying within your timeline, budget, and travel preferences. Looking into “all inclusive” travel packages may also be a great tip to get the most bang for your buck. 

Here are some wonderful impromptu getaway ideas that will help turn your winter frown upside down!

  1. Maui – This gorgeous destination stays relatively warm year round and has an abundance of things to offer. It will leave that feeling of winter far behind and is a place you will want to experience time and time again. Whether you want to soak up the sun for some much needed R&R or take in the breathtaking sites with an unlimited scope of adventure, this is the perfect getaway spot! Trust me, Maui never disappoints. 


  1. Theme Parks – These are basically fun centers for people of all ages! When in doubt, plan a trip to your nearest favorite theme park, and your winter blues will surely dissipate. Most major parks function year round and can provide that boost of much needed fun that we all need sometimes. Better yet, something extra special is always in the air at theme parks in the winter time with whimsical winter décor that will give you all the feels. Whether it’s feeling the magic of Disney or the adrenaline rush from other coaster filled parks, just plan your travel accommodations, buy your ticket, and GO! 

Theme Parks

  1. California – Whether you’re a resident of CA or just a visitor, there is an unlimited list of things to do while experiencing relatively warmer and sunnier winter months, making for the perfect getaway. Cities such as Santa Barbara, San Diego, and places along the Central Coast of California are all are great choices. 


  1. Las Vegas – Vegas is yet another one of those iconic places to visit that never gets old! There is always a new show to see, hotel to stay in, restaurant to try, and roaring nightlife that never sleeps. Who knows, you may even hit the jackpot! The best news is that there are last minute travel deals for Vegas all the time, making your getaway both easy and fun! 

Las Vegas

  1. Hit the Slopes – If you fancy colder winter activities, you may not have to look very far to create a chilling retreat this winter. Look into your nearest mountain ski resort and plan your fun. Even if you don’t choose to partake in activities such as skiing, sledding, or skating, just taking in the views will be magical. 


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