Beauty Trends For Spring 2017

 Beauty Trends

This year the focus is more on bringing out your personality.

  • Eyebrows become a canvas for artistic creativity: This year we anticipate a surge in eyebrow art in the New Year. With metallic brow product launches, razor eyebrow slits, and rainbow brow coloring, we are bound to see creative eyebrows this year.
  • French Manicure with angular oxblood tips: The French manicure has remarkable staying power. Some fashion experts say it’s very old but women all over the world still walk into salons and request the elegant standby: pink, beige or nude base tipped with pure white. It goes easily from work to drinks to red carpet, and if you dress like you’re over 20 you won’t find much it doesn’t match. Thus its popularity: French nails are versatile. They can also be one of those makeup tricks that make you look naturally, effortlessly perfect. People standing 10 feet away may wonder if your beautiful nails are polished at all.  For a change leave a sliver of negative space at the center, Crocodile green, silver, orange, and orange crescents with a necessary punch of color.The Key is to get the look.
  • Use of “Pressed Serum”: Pressed serums are a hybrid of a serum and moisturizer. They still have the potent concentration of a serum, but they give your skin the serious boost of hydration that comes from your regular moisturizer. In 2016 and beyond, even twenty-somethings are indulging in Botox shots to prevent wrinkles. According to Harpers Bazaar, Botox isn’t just appearing in syringes to be injected beneath the skin in cosmetic centers or doctor’s offices, but Botox is also showing up in creams like the BoLC A+ Botulinum Polypeptide-1 Facial Serum.  However, Vitamin C serums are still ruling the roost, well into 2016. Products reportedly containing Vitamin C with hyaluronic acid promise to improve the appearance of wrinkles and help with anti-aging issues.

Beauty Trends

  • Skip the Foundation: To mimic the shine you’d achieve after dancing for hours on end at an epic after-party, skip the foundation and pat a thin layer of Vaseline over cheekbones and lids, and under eyes. Try clear lip gloss expertly over lids and cheekbones to perfect little bead of sweat.
  • Embellish both side and center Hair Parting: From the gold leaf hair trend to Kate Bosworth’s Coachella-perfect braided center part, the great divide is finally getting some love. This year we expect to see a flurry of new ways to embellish both our side and center parts-making them the piece de resistance of our hairstyles.
  • The New Braid. And for those who are, ahem, braid-challenged, rest assured that it’s much easier to achieve, as you merely have to divide a ponytail in half and twist the sections around each other.
  • Lips to be Highlighted: This year your lips do most of the talking in crimson, orange, pink and oxblood. The key to keeping it fresh and young is to pair a perfect pout with  scrubbed skin, and skip a full face of foundation in favor of concealer to cover anyblemishes. A brushed-up, “boyish” brow completes the look no matter what color you slick on.

Get ready to strike a pose.


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