Beauty Secrets Of Top Leading Actresses, Revealed!

Actresses around the world seemed to be blessed with the best of skin colour, texture and near perfect body features, or lets say that’s  the impression of the general  mass.

Beauty Secrets

All through the year, WF team interviewed top leading actresses and Hollywood stars to bring you an insight into their daily skin care routine-time and products they invest to get a glowing skin. Though it may seem impossible to know what products they use or whether they’ve undergone plastic surgery, here we have some celebrities who are known for good skin.

  1.  Natalie Burn- Actress, choreographer, soloist in many classical and modern ballet performances and stunt natalie-burnplayer was recently interviewed by our team. On being asked about skin care, this is what she had to say, “I like natural treatments that come from traditional remedies. Something that my grandma taught me, a little secret on how to keep your hair looking glowing is to take an egg and mix it with honey and lemon. Make a mask for your hair for twenty minutes or so. Wash it off after and your hair will feel refreshed and healthy. For my face, I use this magical remedy called sleep 🙂 There is nothing that can cure tiredness better than rest.”

  1. Chanel Ryan: American actress and model of German and Irish descent, is no stranger to the entertainment industry. Named one of the “Sexiest Woman on the Planet”, her face and body has graced magazines across the globe, including MAXIM, FHM and Playboy. Regarding skin & hair care, she adds “I get a lot of compliments on my skin. Most of it I can’t take credit for. I am fortunate and have good genes, and inherited my skin from my Grandparents and the German side of my family. My skin and hair are both really dry which is a constant battle for me. I take fish oil, Flax seed and vitamin E supplements daily. On days off I put oil thru my hair, braid it, put a hat on and let the oil deep condition my hair. My shower looks like a beauty supply I have so many different hair masks and conditioners.”
  2. Beauty Secrets of Top Leading Actresses. Revealed!Natasha Blasick: Actress and winner of the Mrs. World contest elaborately talked about her skin and hair care routine to Women  Fitness, stating, that she enjoys taking care of her skin. “It’s the biggest organ in our body and it would be really disrespectful not to take care of it. And I just love creams. Clean eating and juices are a big part of it, too. I have regimes for night and day. No matter how much time I do or don’t have, I always put on sunscreen. It’s a huge part of taking care of skin. I drink water because we need to be hydrated. I love masks. I grew up thinking about skin. My mother and sister and I would have spa days at home where we would squish fruits on ourselves. We enjoyed it. I still love it. So it’s normal for me, like brushing teeth. Also, the steps are fun. I exfoliate, hydrate and protect. I read about creams before buying. I believe that if I truly believe in a product it will work. I really need to love my cream to have a good relationship with it. I also take Biosil for hair and nails. As for my hair, my hair is quite fine and frizzy naturally which can be quite frustrating. It’s dry on the ends. I give my hair a break from processing now and then because I think it needs it sometimes. But those are not my favorite hair days. Hair is not my strongest area. Or at least that’s how I feel about it. Lately I’ve been putting warm coconut oil on my ends and working it about half way up the length of the hair to keep it healthy.”
  1. Celina Jade: In her opinion skin and hair is the best reflective indicator of your diet. The “Arrow” actress further adds” I eat consciously and drink lots of water every day. Because I eat a mainly veg diet, sometimes I lack the omega 3,6,9s. I take udo oil to supplement that. I choose udo oil because it has coconut oil in it. we need saturated fats to absorb the 3,6,9s. That’s what I’ve learnt in my own trial and errors. Of course, you can get those in fish too and I do sometimes eat fish, but the quality of fish has really deteriorated unfortunately over the years, with our oceans being polluted with plastic, radiation etc…”
  2. Beauty Secrets of Top Leading Actresses. Revealed!Bar Paly: Leading Hollywood actress on being asked to offer skin care tip added, Always put on sunblock even in the winter, to protect your skin from the sun damage. For her skin care she adds “I make sure to exfoliate my skin a lot. Recently I found a great trick and started washing my face with a natural sea sponge. It’s naturally antibacterial without any harmful chemicals, and it’s gently exfoliates the skin to get rid of the dead skin cells and keep the skin smooth and glowing. For my hair I do a coconut oil mask. I use regular coconut oil that you can buy at any supermarket. It does wonders to the split ends and it smells like your on a vacation!”
  3. Jade Louise Ewen: Singer, songwriter, actress and a former member of the band, Sugababes, disclosed her beauty secret on Women Fitness. “I LOVE Noveau Skin Therapy, they do an amazing facial called The Lunchtime with A-Lift which I have in London. I swear I leave looking like a new person! I also take a whole food supplement called Juice Plus which makes my hair skin and nails grow longer and thicker as well as boosts the immune system and claims to help protect against cancer as it is full of antioxidants. I swear by it.”

Skin and hair is the best reflective indicator of your diet, so watch what you eat and drink. Supplement wisely, exercise smartly and keep stress at bay.

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