Beauty Looks that won’t Cost a Fortune

Beauty Looks that won't Cost a Fortune

A budget based beauty regime doesn’t mean losing out an quality, or the “feel good” factor. Yes, you can look like a class act without spending a fortune, if you know which products work.

Here’s a list that will leave you and your bank balance looking just fine.



Since they all perform the same task, why spend a fortune on a product that is only on the skin for a few seconds? Get a cheap cream-based cleanser if you have dry skin, or a gel-based cleanser for oily skin. You can even wash your face with a little milk. It’s much cheaper, and better for your skin because of it contains lactic acid.


Spending any money at all on a toner is a big waste when, for less than 30, the ultimate toner is readily available. A lemon is the best way to restore the pH balance. Need something that does not carry a code? A little witch hazel will do just fine! Or head to the first aid department of your local drugstore, and pick up some boric acid liquid.


Tone up your facial muscles with water. Fill up your mouth with as much water as possible. Hold it there for as long as you can. Allow the water pressure to do all the work for you.

Just out your lower jaw. Gently raise your chin towards your nose, stretching your neck muscles. Then, lower your chin back down to the starting position. Do this in the car, while talking on the phone, etc. This exercise will prevent “turkey jowl.”  Open your eyes (as in a surprised expression) and try to reach your forehead. Do this several times.



Beauty Looks that won't Cost a Fortune

Don’t spend a penny extra for any enrichments. Alternate between adding a vitamin A capsule in the morning and a vitamin E capsule at night. Add your own vitamins, and get a more powerful effect. Don’t spend too much more for sunscreen protection. You can always add your own base of sunscreen before moisturizing.


Try to find as many cosmetics as possible that perform two or more jobs. For years models have been using lipstick as blush, and eye shadow to seal and powder lips. You can also use eye pencil as lip pencil to line your eyes. Unfortunately, lip pencils contain ingredients that cannot be used in the eye area. Create gentle contouring on the cheeks and sides of the nose with a neutral lip pencil. Organize your cosmetics in an old-fashioned tackle box purchased from the local hardware store.


The best bargain for your hair is a good cut. If possible, pay extra for a top-of-the-line stylist (sometimes called a master stylist). More technically advanced hair cuts will last longer (up to eight weeks depending on the length). Save money by using chalk to touch up telltale roots.




There are very good brands available in drugstores. L’Oreal, Clairol, and others offer excellent value along with their good names. Don’t forget to enhance your shampoos with vodka (for shine) and vinegar (to remove residue). Rely on conditioners you can easily make from scratch.




Here’s the facial that won’t cost a cent and is highly beneficial. Steam your face by bending over a bowl of boiling water with your favorite herbal tea. Fade dark circles under your eyes by placing the same cold tea bags over your eyes for about ten minutes. Cook two carrots until soft, then mash. Apply to your face, and let harden. This vitamin A mask is beneficial and refreshing!



More On Home Treatments

Beauty Looks that won't Cost a Fortune

  • Color and perfume your own Epsom salts for a delightful bath time experience. Find salts in any drugstore. Store them in a big glass jar with a lid. Sprinkle in a few drops of food coloring, close the jar and shake it vigorously until the color is evenly distributed. Then pour it out onto a cookie sheet, and let it dry. You can speed things by placing it in a warm oven for a ½ hour if you prefer. Perfume your salts with a little perfume oil. Just add a few drops of your favorite fragrance, and shake again until there aren’t any clumpy bits. You can add sea salts and baking soda to give it a different texture. Add a metal scoop, and you have your very own bath treatment.
  • To combat dryness, add a cup of oatmeal and a tablespoon of avocado oil to a warm bath. Soak for at least 15 minutes.
  • While you’re relaxing in the tub, increase the moisturizing effect by mashing two strawberries with two teaspoons of yogurt. Leave it on your face for 15 minutes. If you have any left over, rub it over the gum area to promote healthy gums.
  • Remove excess oils from your face by mashing a tablespoon of pineapple and applying it to your face for 15 minutes before rinsing.
  • After shaving legs, rub a slice of cucumber over them. Cleopatra used to have her legendary skin rubbed with cooked cucumber peels.

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