Anna Wilding: Exceptionally Talented and Accomplished Actress and Director Reveals Her Success Mantra

Anna Wilding: Exceptionally Talented and Accomplished Actress and Director Reveals her Success Mantra Follow your DreamsAnna Wilding is an accomplished and award winning actress, director, producer, screenwriter. Ms. Wilding also put in several years as a film executive in London, Hollywood, New York. Anna has worked on major motion pictures and award winning indie films. In 2008 Ms Wilding was declared as one of only 100 women Directors who had a feature length film run “formally” in cinemas – for more than seven days. This was for the critically acclaimed and hit indie film Buddha Wild. The film played in cinemas for a combined total of 60 days, qualified and was a frontrunner for the Oscars one year to be beat out, by an Inconvenient Truth at final selection, and is archived by official request at AMPAS(The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences). Ms Wilding also carried the film as actress, as sole narrator and presenter. Anna Wilding has spoken as Guest Spotlight Speaker at Cannes, panels for IFP ,Digital Hollywood, and numerous film and financing panels. Ms Wilding has appeared through the years in Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Moving Images Magazine, and many other consumer and trade press, as well as other print and TV outlets such as W Magazine, Woman’s’ Day and Access Hollywood.

Behind the scenes, Ms. Wilding was recognized internationally by various organizations for her in-depth consultancy work on The Lord of the Rings motion picture trilogy. This included but was not limited to New Line Cinema, who formally thanked Ms. Wilding for her vast scope of humanitarian work and consultancy on the trilogy.

As an actress, Ms. Wilding has tackled notable and diverse roles in film and television from a battered wife, to a 1940′s screen star, to a Kubrick inspired television reporter in the 1960′s. Ms. Wilding has taken her place on stage with roles that include, amongst others, an award winning improvisational player in professional Theatre Sports , a guest star appearance with Second City in LA, a starring role as silent comedian in Fringe Festival Winner, Patience of Silence, and the role of Hermione in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale.

In 2014, with clear evidence in hand, Ms. Wilding spoke out in the industry clearly and strongly about the movie fan site IMDB, and the fact it’s StarMeter system uses subjective and flawed algorithms and therefore presents flawed data to both public and industry professionals.

Ms. Wilding is also known for her philanthropic work. She founded The Wilding Foundation ( a charity that provides scholarships, and went on to raise thousands of dollars for deserving recipients following the devastating earthquakes that destroyed Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2011.

Anna Wilding’s acting and film work has been lauded by professional critics, as, “Moving”, “Beautiful, “Captivating,” and, “Must see.” Cited as, “Multi-talented,” Anna Wilding has completed multiple responsibilities in the film and entertainment business as Actress, Producer, Director, Writer, and Presenter. Ms Wilding’s work can be seen or felt in work ranging from Oscar nominees and winners through to Cannes, White Sands-Palm Beach, Chicago Film Festival, Tribeca, Santa Barbara Film Festival, Sundance and elsewhere.

Ms Wilding additional duties include through the years were camera operator, art director, set decorator. Ms Wilding actress ,director, producer, is an entrepreneur having founded and launched one of the top selling retail and online skincare brands in 2012 Kalon Skincare ( using pure New Zealand bee venom. In 2013 Kalon partnered with the Cheer Channel in the USA. In 2013 and 2014 Ms Wilding judged the national Australian Atom Awards -respected film and television awards .

Ms Wilding continues to be active as an actor and in all aspects of creativity, industry, philanthropy and business. Ms Wilding is member of various industry Unions, Guilds and Affiliates.

Anna Wilding is an accomplished and award winning actress, director, producer, screenwriter. She is in conversation with Namita Nayyar, President Women Fitness.

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