Amanda Latona: “Booty Queen” of the Fitness Industry Spills Her Fitness Secrets!

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Now Amanda Kuclo, Amanda is known for her amazing glutes and has been named the “Booty Queen” of the fitness industry. Amanda is an accomplished fitness competitor, TV host, personal trainer, model, recording-artist, and creator of an online fitness video series.

Over the last 10 years Amanda has established herself as a leader in the industry with over 25 1st place finishes in fitness and bikini competitions around the country. She officially earned her IFBB Pro card in 2009 after winning every competition that she entered that year. Since that time she has continued to dominate as a 10-time IFBB Pro Bikini Champion and over a 10-time International fitness cover model featured on the covers of Muscle and Fitness Hers, FLEX, and Oxygen magazine worldwide. She is a Team ALLMAX sponsored athlete, the proud winner of the 2009 FLEX Bikini Model Search, and was also named “All Time Hottest” by the Flex Readers themselves.

A peoples Champion, Amanda fuses a love of the stage with her expert knowledge and training secrets to entertain and motivate people around the world to achieve their personal fitness goals.

amanda latona

Achievements of Amanda Latona

  • Flex Bikini Model Search Winner ’09
  • 1st Place Dallas Europa PRO Bikini Championships ’10
  • 5th Place Bikini Olympia ’10
  • FLEX Female Image Award ’10
  • 1st Place Sacramento PRO Bikini Championships ’10
  • 6th Place Bikini International ’11
  • 1st Place MuscleContest PRO Bikini Championships ’11
  • 1st Place Titans PRO Bikini Championships ’11
  • 1st Place Sacramento PRO Bikini Championships ’11
  • Vegas’ Top Model ’12
  • Voted #1 in the ALL-TIME HOT LIST of 15 Years of the FLEX MAGAZINE SWIMSUIT ISSUES

Amanda Latona is a world leading IFBB Pro Athlete. She is in conversation with Namita Nayyar, President Women Fitness.

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