Alexa Towersey: Pilates Expert, Nutrition And Lifestyle Coach Talks About The “Bio Signature Modulation”

Alexa-TowerseyAlexa has over 15 years experience in the health & fitness industry. She started her career as a body double for top American fitness model Victoria Pratt, was part of the judging panel for the internationally acclaimed Body for Life competition and has worked with some of NZ’s world champion rugby team, the All Blacks. She has qualified for the Ironman 70.3 World Champs, and been named as one of the 5 “Toughest Trainers in Hong Kong”.

Since 2009, Alexa has studied nutrition and Bio Signature Modulation – essentially “scientific spot specific fat reduction”. This groundbreaking bodyfat analysis can help identify potential hormonal imbalances within the body, and allow for the creation of a very comprehensive and individualized plan of attack, inclusive of all aspects of training, nutrition and lifestyle.

Alexa is one of only a handful of trainers worldwide, and the first and only female in Australia, to be a fully certified Gym Jones instructor, the infamous US based outfit responsible for the physiques in 300 and Man of Steel. She is an internationally certified Polestar Pilates Instructor, and has completed in-house training and practical internships with industry leaders Poliquin, Marinovich, Martin Rooney and Gray Cook, the techniques of which are currently utilised in many professional sporting codes.

A Precision Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, Alexa has extensive experience in developing successful and sustainable plans for general health & wellbeing, body composition and sports performance, and has worked with individuals, sports teams and families. Alexa is renowned for her tough, results-driven approach, and her ability to develop an unparalleled work ethic in her clients.

Alexa has extensive television experience, as both a guest presenter and health & fitness expert, with international appearances on shows inclusive of Bloomberg Asia and CNN International’s The Don Lemon Show, alongside industry veterans Vani Hari and Dr Sanjay Gupta.

Alexa is’s personal trainer, RTHK Radio 3’s health and fitness guru, and’s preferred training partner. She regularly contributes to a variety of lifestyle publications and blogs throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific and is a popular speaker at corporate wellness seminars.

Alexa Towersey

Alexa Towersey is highly accomplished Pilates expert, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, in conversation with Namita Nayyar, President Women Fitness.

Ms. Namita Nayyar: Tell us about your journey that took you to the top of the world of fitness training ?

Ms. Alexa Towersey: My journey in the health and fitness industry has spanned over 15 years to date, and continues to evolve. I started on a mission for muscles in my teens to escape my “Alexa Annorexa” nickname at school, progressing to body double roles for top American fitness models with an emphasis on the aesthetic element of fitness. I then embraced a new challenge in learning a new sport and qualifying for the world half ironman champs where there is a big emphasis on psychological strength. Following the loss of both of my parents to lifestyle related diseases, has me now more than ever, committed to helping others understand and embrace being fit, healthy and educated. At this moment in time, I’m so grateful that I’m in a place where I’m surrounded by positive people, where I’m consistently inspired to be better.

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