Adrenaline Shoc Intoduces Two New Flavors To Its’ Performance Energy Line Up, Including Orange Freeze Just In Time For Halloween!

Our new favorite energy drink featuring zero sugars!

Bring your performance and taste buds to the next level with A SHOC. Adrenaline Shoc’s newest flavors Blue Raspberry and Orange Freeze, have started to hit Amazon and store shelves this month (October).


These two flavors deliver the powerful jolt of energy you need to reach your peak without the crash. Slightly sweet with a tart candy finish, Blue Raspberry is positively electric from the first sip to the last, while Orange Freeze is refreshing and indulgent all in one, exploding citrus flavor, reminiscent of your favorite childhood ice cream, backed with explosive performance. 


Adrenaline Shoc (aka A SHOC) is a modern fitness enhanced energy drink designed for the active lifestyle.  Disrupting what energy used to be, A SHOC is formulated with progressive ingredients from natural sources, chosen purposefully to work with your body and not against it.  A SHOC is growing in popularity by the day amongst fitness enthusiasts. A SHOC was created to inspire people to live active, healthy lifestyles by offering a natural, smart energy blend to maximize the day.

With 300mg of natural caffeine sourced from yerba mate, green coffee beans, coffee fruit extract and guarana, electrolytes sourced from ocean minerals, 9 essential amino acids to boost performance, and BCAA’s for muscle recovery, A SHOC is smart energy designed to work with your body. With zero sugar, zero chemical preservatives, zero artificial flavors, and zero artificial colors, A SHOC delivers the push you need without the crash– or the guilt.

A SHOC is sold at retailers nationwide including 7-Eleven, Target, CVS, and is now available on Amazon. Ten killer flavors to choose from, including Acai Berry, Shoc Wave, Peach Mango, Frozen Ice, Cotton Candy, Fruit Punch, Watermelon and Sour Candy, plus the two new additions, Blue Raspberry and Orange Freeze. To find a store near you visit the store locator on

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