AcroYoga Superstar Chelsey Korus Introduces Us To The Power Of AcroYoga!

Chelsey Korus

Women Fitness’ Second Exclusive Interview on its 17th Anniversary:

AcroYoga Superstar Chelsey Korus.

We have with us today, the AcroYoga Supertar Chelsey Korus, who is truly an inspiration for all the Yoga beginners and for those who are trying to connect with their innerselves.

Chelsey Korus’ teaching and movement philosophy comes from her passion for life and her inspiring nature that allows her students to live their best life. As a perennial student herself, she approaches her life through the lens of constant learning and is able to share her wisdom to help other achieve their brightest and best futures. A notable yoga instructor based in Los Angeles, Chelsey infuses her classes with the movement knowledge she has gained through over a decade of alignment-based yoga asana immersion, classical ballet, capoeira, and daily acrobatic training. Her powerful yet down-to-earth approachability is a compelling combination that has landed her on Live! with Kelly and Michael and PopSugar as well as Fitness, Shape, and Women’s Health Magazines. Having traveled the world as an AcroYoga performer, Chelsey is looking forward to the blend of movement, culture, and spiritual studies that have yet to unfold. “Practice and all is coming.” Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

Chelsey is grateful for her training from numerous guides on her path, including the teachers and students at Vira Yoga NYC, NYU’s CAP21 program, Capoeira and Ballet schools all over the U.S, and master Lu Yi. She continually immerses herself in the practices of martial arts, classical and modern dance, gymnastics, and acrobatics, and brings aspects of these styles to every class she teaches. Chelsey has become a renowned name in the Acro Yoga world, taking it from the streets of New York City to international performance venues, commercials, print work, and corporate events. Clients include Wanderlust Festivals, Mercedes Benz fashion shows with Venus Williams and Vivienne Tam, Under Armour, and Intel.  Over the course of her fitness and modeling career, she has been featured on PopSugar and the Kelly and Michael Show, and in Prevention Magazine, Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, Women’s Health, Yoga Journal, and GNC’s “Respect Yourself” campaign.

International Yoga Instructor Chelsey Korus reveals her fitness secrets in a candid conversation with Namita Nayyar, President – Women Fitness. Catch up on her latest secrets!

Chelsey Korus

Ms. Namita Nayyar: You have an experience of over 15 years of yoga teaching and 10 years of studies in the martial arts, acrobatics, and dance world. Your powerful and phenomenal journey as a Yoga Instructor has landed you on Live! with Kelly and Michael and PopSugar as well as Fitness, Shape, and Women’s Health Magazines. Tell us more about this incredible journey that took you to the world of fitness?

Ms. Chelsey Korus: Just reading this question makes me smile and bubbles up the feeling of being grateful within me for this path of exploration I have been on and continue to walk in this life. I am a student at heart and always will be. I have a passion for peeling back the layers, unpacking what’s there and seeking what is yet to be integrated—yet to be discovered fully within myself and more importantly how it relates to the world around me.

The further I get down this road of exploration, I realize that it’s not about “me” , but about us all. I see my work in this world through the lens of a servant, working to bring forth healing to all people everywhere. Healing that brings freedom. With freedom comes movement in body and with training, in the mind, and soon an awakening to your spirit— providing a first hand account of real wisdom that only you can behold because you have sought after it and found it yourself. It is powerful and life changing to the point where we all wake up a little more each day to the radiance that surrounds us RIGHT NOW. This is the path that I started those 15 years ago, and the same one I continue on 🙂

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