Ab Crack: The New Misguiding Fitness Craze

After going crazy for the thigh gap which didn’t seem healthy, a single depressed line between the left and right abs region called the “Ab Crack” is the new fitness craze. Just like a thigh gap which is not normally achievable by healthy means ab crack which is called the linea alba, is a tendinous inscription between your ab muscles, is pretty much determined by your genetics. You can train your abs and make them more pronounced by working them hard, but for the most part, you cannot change the structure. It’s just not realistic.

Ab Crack

There’s nothing dangerous about having a crease down the middle as long as you’re leading a healthy lifestyle. The ab cracks published on social media is likely the result of extreme fitness and DNA. There’s no lower-body regimen or diet trick that will guarantee you an ab crack.

A  healthier strategy is to focus on strengthening your entire core (which includes your back and obliques, in addition to your abs) and eating a clean diet with plenty of fresh produce, lean proteins, pulses, and good fats (think salmon, avocados, and nuts).

The ab muscles have several functions as they stabilize your spine, absorb force, flex and extend the trunk, and twist from the waist. A great abdominal workout plan therefore would be one that uses exercises that work your abs in each of these ways. Since they are like any other muscle, you need to train them using enough resistance to force them to recover and grow stronger. This means sets of 5-12 reps. Anything else is a waste of time.


Exercise alone will not build flat abs that are stronger than ever, you have to eat right to get them to look the way you want. Dieting to lose fat doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply cut down on flour and sugar rich foods alone to obtain visible abs. Getting enough sleep is also critical to keep the belly fat off too.

Now you know the right way to work out to build strong, lean, and functional abdominal muscles. All that’s left is for you to give it a try.

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