8 Yoga Poses That Help You Feel Positive

Hello Fall! As the weather starts to change, our bodies also start to feel the change. Quite often, people tend to notice some fluctuation both mentally and physically as the season shifts. As temperatures begin to drop, we will naturally want to keep our bodies warm. Thus, it is important to keep your muscles especially warm through exercise and other activities. I recommend to layer up so that you can manually control your needed warmth. It is also critical to maintain a healthy activity level throughout fall/winter to avoid getting derailed from all the progress you have made. The key here is to maintain a positive frame of mind and boost your mood with good energy to stay motivated in the colder months. 

Here are 8 Yoga Poses that will give you all the feels and help you stay chipper through Fall and Winter:

….and always remember to breathe and practice mindfulness through meditation!

Taryn Francis
Photography Credit: Ajja DeShayne

1. Warrior 1 Pose – Stretches the chest, lungs, shoulders, neck, belly, and groin. Great for improving circulation and warming muscles.

Warrior 1
Photography Credit: Ajja DeShayne

2. Warrior 2 Pose – stretches hips, groin, and shoulders as well as stimulates the abdominals. Aids with balance, stability, and concentration.

warrior 2
Photography Credit: Ajja DeShayne

3. Triangle Pose – Stretches and strengthens muscles in your lower and upper body. Helps relieve stress.

Traingle pose
Photography Credit: Ajja DeShayne

4. Side Plank Pose – strengthen core, legs, arms, and wrists; improves balance and concentration.

Side plank pose
Photography Credit: Ajja DeShayne

5. Downward Dog Pose – calms the brain while relieving stress and mild depression; stretches shoulders, calves, hamstrings, arches, and hands.

Downward dog
Photography Credit: Ajja DeShayne

6. One Legged Downward Dog Pose – reduces stress, elongates the spine, and stretches legs and upper body.

One legged downward dog
Photography Credit: Ajja DeShayne

7. Camel Pose – opens up the hips, stretching deep hip flexors, stretches and strengthens shoulders and back, while expanding the abdominals and improving posture.

Camel pose
Photography Credit: Ajja DeShayne

8. Cobra Pose – stretches upper body and increases flexibility thru your back; elevates mood and invigorates the heart.

cobra pose
Photography Credit: Ajja DeShayne

Along with your yoga practice, remember to SMILE often! It is your best accessory and is sure to boost your mood as well as those around you! 

Taryn t Francis
Photography Credit: Ajja DeShayne

I hope this article has inspired you! Be sure to stay tuned for more monthly columns from me as I share my world of dance, fitness, wellness, and healthy lifestyles…. and stay in touch with me on social media for all my latest happenings. 



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