8 Women Fitness Role Models of 2020: They Simply Rock.

Rated as Women’s health & fitness achievers in and around the world, they have dominated social media as fitness role models.

We bring you an insight into their personal life, achievements, diet, and fitness routine in one-to-one interview only on Women Fitness.

Jen Selter

jen selter

She squats, lunges and is the second most influential fitness Instagram star by Forbes. Jen Selter first gathered media attention for her debut at a young age on Instagram. As of 2020, she has over 12.7 million followers on Instagram.

If one were gauging admiration by the number of followers on social media, then Jen Selter is the queen of fitspo. Having been named #2 on Forbes inaugural list of “Top Influencers” in the fitness category, the former front desk gym clerk has leveraged her world-renowned physique and love of fitness into a social media-driven empire.

jen Selter

On her website http://www.jenselter.com/, she offers a couple of monthly to yearly online fitness plans. Her Instagram handle is @jenselter. Message for her fans” I am thankful for my followers every single day. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about how much I appreciate all the love and support the #selterfamily has. Scrolling through my social media pages everyday and reading and responding to you guys brings me so much joy. I love you and wouldn’t be where I am today without you, so thank you, from the bottom of my heart. “

To learn more about her fitness and diet routine check out her in conversation with  Women Fitness at https://www.womenfitness.net/jen-selter/


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