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5 Ways to Say Goodbye to Weight Loss in 2017

It’s a New Year and if you’re like many across the world you are probably beginning to tackle your New Year’s resolutions left and right. ” It’s a new year and a new me,” is the ongoing yearly mantra but you have decided this year will be your year to not only lose weight but to say goodbye to weight gain, forever.

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You’ve read every book, listened to every podcast and watched every YouTube video and now you are convinced that you are ready to jump in to a weight loss routine that is sure to help you keep the weight off but there’s only one problem, you’ve taken in all of this information, now what?

Here are five guaranteed ways you and everyone you know can implement in order to say goodbye to weight gain:


Exercise for the most part is something that everybody can do in order to keep your weight gain at bay. While many may make excuses as to why they can’t exercise, no excuse is good enough. Thanks to online technology you can literally figure out a way to exercise under any condition including pregnancy, wheel chairs and even if you’re a stay at home mom with a baby.  Exercise is single handedly the most effective way you can lose weight; it’s solely up to you to remain committed to the process.

Non-Surgical Procedures

Currently there are several non-surgical procedures available that promote weight loss. One of the most increasingly popular procedures is a procedure that has similar results to the surgical procedure but requires no surgery at all. This procedure allows you to have two balloons inserted into your stomach. The balloon stays in place for six months and helps you control not only portion sizes but it helps curb your appetite. There are several non-surgical procedures out there that promote weight loss. This procedure when combined with a healthy and clean diet and also physical activity could make this weight loss procedure effectively.

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Eat Healthy

One of the most popular quotes that is often heard throughout local gyms by trainers is that abs are made in the kitchen. Do you know what that means? It means that in order to really have a healthy lifestyle you have to focus just as much on eating healthy as you do on exercising every single day. You can’t have one without the other.

Surgical Procedures

Cosmetic surgery may not be for everybody; however, it is still a very legitimate way to lose weight under the guidance of a doctor. In fact, recent studies show that many doctors have reported that the number of candidates interested in pursuing weight loss surgery has sky rocketed. While numbers have increased, the education behind it continues to get misconstrued. Many researching surgical procedures are led to believe that once you complete the surgery the weight will stay off without you having to do a thing.  In order to make sure your results stick you have to make sure you maintain a healthy diet and fitness regimen.

Weight Loss Supplements

If you’re an avid user of social media you have probably seen those advertisements for things such as “flat tummy tee” or other weight loss supplements.  Weight loss supplements are great and can be effective; however, you must keep in mind that the goal of supplements is literally to supplement all other weight loss activity. If you’re not eating healthy or if you’re not exercising on a regular basis do not expect weight loss supplements to work for you. You have to be willing to put in some effort in order to produce results.

Are you trying to lose weight in the New Year? Leave your fitness tips below.


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