5 Nail Art Ideas For Christmas

Trends vary throughout the year when it comes to nail art. Festive time like Christmas & new year brings a shift to moodier reds, blues, and greys. But then there’s this kind of unique period between the holidays — basically Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day — where chic and sophisticated goes out the window in favor of red-and-green glitter and candy-cane stripes. 

Wire, kami fubuki (tiny sequins), holographic stickers and 3D appliques are in vogue.

1. Twinkling Red Star Nails:

red nails

To try this paint on two coats of a dark red polish. Use a thin striper brush dipped in white polish and draw a thin, vertical line down your nail. Using the same striper brush, draw a horizontal line perpendicular to the vertical line. This line should be about a third of the length of the first line. Draw a short diagonal line over the intersection of the first two lines. Continue using the same brush and white polish. Draw one more diagonal line the opposite direction to finish your star. Use a pointy orange stick dipped in the same white polish to paint white dots around your big star. These will be the other, smaller “stars.” Finish with topcoat.

2. The French design combined with mirror powder, matte nails with chromed edge or mirror surface with contrasting line of the “smile” can become a great idea and attract everyone’s attention at Christmas or New Year Party. Mirror powder can be used as a main element to emphasize fingers or cover only a part of the nail with it

The French design combined with mirror powder, matte nails

3. Foil, mica. Another way to add shine and sparkle to the nails without destroying the elegance and style. Pieces of holographic cellophane and foil applied on the nail surface in random order can create an effect of broken glass that has been popular for many seasons. Nail designs with silver and blue foil will be popular in January as they look like ice pieces and golden foil provokes memories of festive fireworks and champagne splashes.

foil nail

4. Thematic patterns: Winter motifs, such as snowflakes, snowmen, frozen twists, sparkling snowdrifts. The second type are for Christmas, such as branches of the Christmas tree, crackers, Santa Claus, tinsels, serpentine, confetti, tree decorations and other patterns that are associated with winter holidays.

nail art

5. Azure and lace patterns are an all-time favourite and craze during party-time. Black lace against a colorful background will make your cute nail design for winter more distinctive, and white azure pattern in the transparent, pink and beige background will make your image gentler and more helpless in a good sense of the word.

nail art

Metallic tip, two tone glitter, string of lights the list is endless.


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