5 DIY Hairstyles for Christmas 2020

Try these super easy hairstyles you can quickly pull together to look pulled together for Christmas eve or next day.

Dutch Braid Bun


If you’re up for experimenting with braids, this bohemian look is a gorgeous option. Start by creating a Dutch braid, beginning at your part and going along your hairline to your ear. Create a second braid at the nape of your neck. Pull the first braid into the rest of your hair and back into a messy bun. Wrap the second braid around the bun and pin.

Half-up, Half-down


Instead of going back and forth with your group text on what looks better with your outfit, do both. A half-up, half-half down look is super chic and won’t take you hours to pull together. Before you head out, spritz on a flexible-hold hairspray to keep your holiday hairstyle in place.

Poufy Mermaid Braid

What an ingenious combination: the trendy mermaid braid and the classic (and classy) Brigitte Bardot pouf! That touch of red that you get with the ribbon bow is more than enough to bring the holiday cheer – you don’t really want to distract too much from the stunning hairstyle itself.

Natural Hair Blowout


Go get a smooth finish that doesn’t fall flat, blow dry your hair straight and then work a lightweight hair cream throughout. Then, give yourself a twist-out. When you wake up in the AM, you’ll have a slightly textured look that’s full of body and movement.

Double Knotted Ponytail


Another great alternative to the ponytail is this double knotted look. It’s literally just a double knot using your own hair! First start with hair down and create a middle part, as if you are going to (god forbid) create two pigtails. Next literally tie the hair on a knot like you would when tying your shoe, then instead of doing a bow, just get the 2 strands from the first knot and do the same knot. Essentially, you’re tying your hair into a double knot. The key is to use texturing spray and a couple bobby pins so the style holds.

Instead of wearing pearls around your neck or on your ears this season, switch things up and wear them in your hairstyles.

Have a Fantabulous Christmas. Happy Holidays


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