3 Smart Fitness Products To Get Your Game On

Fitness tracking has come a long way. “Smart” body products and fitness technology have made it easier than ever to track your progress whether you run, cycle, play tennis, soccer or do just about any other activity. Smart products also help manage weight, calculate nutrition and body weight statistics and keep your fitness program on track. If you’re ready to really get your game on, try one of these 3 smart products to get there.

#1. Heard of Fitbit? Now There’s the Fitbit Blaze

The highly popular Fitbit turned a lot of people into health enthusiasts, but the Fitbit Blaze is a huge step up for athletes. The Blaze combines smartwatch features with fitness trackers, including step and stair tracking, heart rate, workout timers, pace settings and active exercise timer functions.

FitBit Watch

The Blaze is comfortable and its large screen makes it easy to see the display and your stats. The Blaze has a retro-look that will appeal to some and not so much to others. Interchangeable bands give you lots of options to create a look you’ll love.

The Blaze has a long, four-day-plus battery life and syncs with Android and iPhones. It’s an affordable and efficient fitness tracker that’s a definite improvement over the original Fitbit. And, one more thing – the Fitbit Blaze comes at an affordable price.

#2. Under Armour Record-Equipped Shoes

There’s nothing like the freedom of non-tethered running. You don’t have to stop and strap something on or carry anything to track and record your runs any longer with Under Armour Record-Equipped running shoes.

Under Armour Record-Equipped Shoes

The shoes come with a built-in chip that tracks distance and duration in real time. The chip also gives you real time GPS tracking – no additional devices required. Along with the chip, Record-Equipped shoes from Under Armour are made for running comfort and explosive takeoffs. Your shoes just got a whole lot smarter.

#3. Athos Shirts and Shorts

Your workout clothes can tell you a lot if they happen to be Athos shirts and shorts. The small almost invisible core works with sensors in the garments that record your heart and breathing rates as you work out. Not only that, but the sensors detect muscle activity, which is particularly important when you’re lifting weights. The core delivers its data to your smartphone via Bluetooth.


Trending – Getting Your Own Game On

One of the most exciting and innovative new trends in fitness technology is equipment that helps single sport athletes improve their game. The FWD Powershot hockey training system is one such innovation. Added to an existing hockey stick, the Powershot analyzes the player’s speed, angle and form. An accompanying mobile app keeps track of progress and improvements over time. Basketball players love the ShotTracker. It keeps track of shot attempts, makes and misses and gives you the information you need to analyze and improve your technique. Swing analyzers are perfect if you play softball or baseball. Learn your bat speed, attack angle and hand speed to discover what you need to work on. And not to be outdone, there’s the Wilson Sony Smart Tennis Sensor if tennis is your sport.

No matter what you’re game, there are plenty of smart body and fitness equipment products available that can help you get it on even better.


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