3 Fun Things to Do on Daughter’s Day

By Kim & Kalee Sorey

Daughter’s Day falls on the fourth Sunday of September is a special day to celebrate your relationship, and what better way to celebrate than to create a new tradition?!

3 Fun Things to do on this Daughter’s Day

slow down and appreciate each other by doing something you both love!

1. Get Active

Whether you love to run, do yoga, or lift weights, getting active with a workout is such a great way to celebrate National Daughter’s Day. We love to do an at home workout together! (Right now our favorite is Barre Blend!). Another inexpensive and fun way to exercise together is going to the park for a walk together!

We’ve had some of our best talks when we’ve been walking together. There is just something about being active that makes it easier to open up to each other.

We also are big fans of recess! If you can, go during the day and hit the swings and the jungle gym!


2. Cook a Meal Together

Another idea would be to cook together! You could throw together pineapple energy bites for your workout together or try a new recipe you both want to try! Since we’re in the Fall now, we love trying new pumpkin recipes together! 

Neither of you has to be a cook either! As a non-cook, I have to say — some our best memories have been when we’ve just “winged-it” and hoped a recipe turned out well.


3. Have a Sleepover

Who says sleepovers are just for kids? Your schedule is busier than ever as an adult, and if both of you are moms — you may be in serious need of a good night’s rest!

So grab your favorite snacks, bottle of wine, the best romantic comedies and your mom/daughter and have an amazing night together!


So while we hope these ideas get you started in your brainstorm, you could decide together what you both would like to do. Since Daughter’s Day is always this time of year, you could also pick something off a Fall Bucket List!

If you’re not as close to your mom or daughter as you’d like to be, don’t let this day go by without calling her.

Use this day as a chance to reconnect and start again.


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