2X Emmy Award Winning Actress Michelle Stafford Shares Her Top 10 Beauty Tips To Healthy Skin

Two-time EMMY-award-winning actress Michelle Stafford is beloved by soap fans around the world. Best known for her roles as Phyllis Summers on “The Young and the Restless” and now as Nina Clay on “General Hospital,” the sexy siren is a fiery presence on daytime.  

Michelle stafford

As a single mother to two young children, Stafford has always put a focus on her family’s health and well-being. So when her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, it turned her world upside down. Michelle went on a mission to help her sister turn her life around. Accompany her to chemotherapy appointments and spending time researching lifestyle changes that could improve chances of remission, Michelle saw one thing was missing — what she was putting onto her skin, and how that was affecting her health.

Stafford founded Skin Nation to give herself, family and friends a healthy product to beautify their skin. She loved the results and worked to bring them to a larger audience. In the process, Michelle has become a full-fledged entrepreneur with her skincare company. But the best gift of all is that her sister is in remission and living a healthy life.

In addition to her television and entrepreneurial work, Stafford also serves as the beauty host for “EXTRA.”

Here Michelle shares her top 10 beauty tips for staying healthy and beautiful. 

Wear sunscreen every single day

Rain or shine it is important to always wear sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. If you don’t like the look of sunscreen because it can leave you looking pale or ashy, try mixing it in with your foundation, or into our Skin Nation Renew Face Cream.  

Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliation is key to glowing skin. When you buff away the built-up dead skin your complexion can better catch the light and show off your gorgeous looking skin. If you are looking for a deep exfoliation, it’s better to exfoliate longer rather than harder. Most people do not do this. In my opinion, it’s one of the biggest reasons why one’s skin is not glowing. You can actually exfoliate your skin every single day. You will see a huge difference in it by doing this.

Sleep a full 8 hours 

Your skin rejuvenates and heals while you sleep. There are hormones at work while you are asleep to heal and rebuild the cells in your body. It is important to fully let your skin be able to heal with its full cycle of 8 hours.

Treat your neck like you would your face

Your neck is aging at the same pace as your face. If you aren’t keeping it clean and hydrated like you do your face, it will create those unwanted wrinkles and fine lines faster than your face. Don’t just pay attention to your face. The way to really see a person’s age…look at their neck! So take care of it as you would your face.

Relax and try to live as stress-free as possible 

I mean… This is a tall order. Life is a wild ride for all of us. People talk about stress all the time. What is stress? Do we bring it upon ourselves? I believe in the end, the things we are worrying about today will not matter then. It’s important to unwind. It really can do wonders for your skin. 

Michelle stafford

Drink lots of water

Now everybody says this and I hate to be “everybody,” but it is true. Water is a miracle cure for just about everything. Drinking enough water can improve the overall appearance of your skin, as well as your disposition in general. There have been trials showing those who drink a lot of water and those who drink one glass a day. The results are astounding. Every single day upon rising I drink four 8oz glasses of water. That’s the very first thing I do. This can change the appearance of your skin, heal the migraines, assist regularity, help with hormone balancing, and many more things. So, drink that water!

Master your retinoid

Vitamin A is great for many skin concerns, especially for those fighting against anti-ageing or adult acne. Specifically, retinol palmitate. Skin Nation makes a very light retinol product called Ultra Glow. It’s very effective and extremely light. 

Use a mask once a week

A mask is a great way to target certain skin concerns. Nothing else can really tone and firm like a mask. Skin Nation Magic Masque is truly the best mask out there. It’s a hydrating mask and is filled with over 15 anti-aging properties. It’s filled with glycolic and makes your skin glow afterward.


That’s right, I said it… Good, old fashioned (hopefully not too old fashioned) sex. Oxytocin is a hormone that is produced in the hypothalamus and releases during sex, childbirth, and lactation in order to aid reproductive functions. It helps with anxiety and stress. I mean, have you ever noticed how glowy and alive you look when you have been in love and have been having sex regularly? There is no substitute for being in love. We all look lovelier and happier when we are. And that shows in our skin.

Michelle stafford


This should have actually been number one, but I really wanted to end with it. Movement and exercise are important for everything. The health of your body, stress levels, spiritual health – and yes, your skin. There is no substitute for getting your body moving, and not just for the reasons of health. It gets your blood moving and of course that aids your skin. Have you ever noticed the skin of a person who is out of shape and sits indoors all day? Exactly. Get your body moving and get outdoors. Your skin will thank you!

Know more secrets about Michelle’s flawless skin on: www.instagram.com/therealstafford


The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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