10 Winter Fashion Trends 2020-2021

If you’re looking for winter fashion trends for 2020 and 2021, here we have it for you as designers and Fashion Houses display their creations from around the four corners of the world.

Fashion Trends 2020-21

Round Shaped Garments, and full-body Capes

This is by far one of the major trends in fashion for the season 2020–2021, the extended capes. Not only as one piece itself but as a complement part for coats.


The Cocoon Coat

From creamy white to forest green, the spotlight is on shearling with cozy maxi pieces. There were tactical vibes to the oversized, high-necked coat we spotted at Chalayan, with cozy-looking lining at the neck and copious front pockets. For something, a little less heavy-duty but still striking, Off-White presented high-necked jackets: one in militaristic olive and another made of light blue patent leather.


These dresses were not designed to be flattering or practical, but they do convey the same message as many other garments this season.

Tailored Suits

The skirt, worn with a matching 9-5 blazer, is our obsession of the moment, but you can also find options in springtime pastels, playful patterns, and—for the warmest days—shorts and skirt sets. It’s the uniform of choice for trend-forward celebrities like Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham, and Selena Gomez.

Throwback Glamour

The romantic elegance of the 1940’s and the structured shoulders of the 1980’s pay homage to past decades without falling into clichés. The vibe at Rodarte was full-on neo-noir, starting from the very beginning with Bella Hadid’s polka-dot housewife dress, styled with a veil, mesh gloves, and a belt pulling the waist in tight.

For the third season in a row, the seventies were still a key inspiration, although the ‘60s also seeped in a little bit, and some looks were from straight in that middle period between the two decades!


Celine’s interpretation of bourgeois ‘70s style continued with more pleats, more flared pants (albeit with a tighter fit this time around), lots of earth-tone suede, and even a polo dress.

Equestrian Fashion

This fall, vibrant colours and fringe details add an offbeat edge to the equestrian uniform of caps, boots, and riding pants. This style is great for those ladies who want to feel sporty chic, but do not want to lose their classic style. Personally, I think there is some kind sultry and sophisticated touch in this style that makes you feel and look special. This style is extremely comfortable and ideal for active lifestyle women.

Riding knee-high or even thigh-high style boots are a practical footwear to worn by horseback riders. It can be flat or chunky heeled. These shoes will make you look laid-back and extremely chic this season.  If you want to make things look original and fun, then add a couple of accessories, like a rounded hat, like short brim fedoras, bowler hats or baseball caps that look like the racing helmets. You can also add a classic scarf in a solid shade of white, grey, black.

Victorian Necklines


The fashion trend of fall/ winter 2020-2021 is not prudish. It seems like designers felt the need to give us some coverage and protection. This is expressed with the Victorian necklines – high necks, a bit of ruffle, maybe even a ribbon, but rarely gracing complex silhouettes.

Variations of Black

Winter 2020-21 will see silhouettes draped in black leather oscillating between biker chic and punk fetishism. At other end you will see women draped in garments that shine day and night with lamé and sparkling sequins. Both the two looks convey an alluring and rebellious lack of inhibition.

Quirky Universe

Grungy silhouettes sprinkled with tartan prints counter soft-toned babydoll looks. At Gucci and Louis Vuitton, you don’t have to choose: the two worlds merge and give an electrifying result.


Pop culture trends will help define future campaigns and products, and this list of 2020 pop culture ideas is sure to offer countless examples that can serve as inspiration. K-pop is being embraced by both luxury fashion and street/sportswear brands.

Bold Accessories


Shiny chains, glamorous gloves, Victorian-style collars, chic veils, stockings slipped into pumps… are the accessories of the season this year.

Multiple Hues

The runway brightened up without restraint by embracing the plurality of warm shades – with pinks, reds and purples – all in one piece. The highly glamorous and eye-catching result calls to mind the pomp and carefree attitude of the 80’s.

To wrap up, no designer could have predicted the Coronavirus outbreak, and, admittedly, we’ve been seeing masks and face coverings for a few seasons now


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