10 Fun Packed Puzzles & Games

Playing puzzles & games is not just essential for kids; it can be an important source of relaxation and stimulation for adults as well.

Our brains go from “Beta” or awake, to a state of “Alpha” when we are assembling puzzles. This shift in consciousness comes with many benefits, including:  

  • Ability to make deeper connections
  • Improve our mood
  • Increase our self-confidence
  • Relieves stress
  • Lower blood pressure and heart rate

What are you waiting for? Start playing now,



World’s first smart tabletop game system – built with AI-powered intelligent game pieces that respond to your touch, communicate with each other, and think for themselves. Different Gaming Options:

  • WHAM! is a Party game. A Fast-paced Whack-A-Mole. Play alone or challenge your friends.
  • Puzzle101 is a Puzzle game. Enjoy an endless supply of puzzles. Your Rubik’s cube will miss you.
  • Mortals is a Real-time Strategy game. Each Blink starts with 60 seconds to live and players take turns stealing life from their opponent’s.
  • Fracture is a game for the whole family. Take turns splitting the board and rearranging the Blinks. Be the first to make a winning map. Are completely modular, so the more you have them, the bigger games, and experiences you can create.

Website:  https://move38.com/

Exploding Kittens Card Game


A perfect for all ages. The pictures on each card are totally awesome.  If you draw an exploding kitten card, you explode. When you explode, you die & you are out of the game. Well that’s not all learn tips to outsmart your opponent.

The pictures on each card are awesome and family friendly. A great for all ages. Visit their website: https://explodingkittens.com/

Suggested by Steve Johnson www.bootmoodfoot.com.


Take tic-tac-toe, bump it up about 50 notches and you have Otrio! Instead of only two players like tic-tac-toe, Otrio lets up to FOUR players compete. And instead of having only one way to win like tic-tac-toe, Otrio gives players THREE ways to win. There are three ways to get three-in-a-row — three of the same size, three of ascending or descending size, three in the same space.

You add in more players and more ways to win and you have a really quick game that is super fun to play and it’s engaging and challenging so it keeps you on your toes! There are so many ways to win that it makes being sneaky easy.


Jenga is a fun game for all ages. For kids, it’s challenging because it requires impulse control and being focused. It’s incredibly fun as a multi-generational game because the adults can help children learn about the construction’s stability and advise them, thus forming a bond with each other. Jenga contains 54 pieces of wooden blocks, stacked three by three in a cross pattern. The goal is to extract a block and place it on top without crashing the entire construction. This game was suggested by Dr. Nikola Djordjevic, MD, who is a medical advisor at https://healthcareers.co/ and loves to play with his family. 


Uno is a classic family game, fantastic fun for kids and grown-ups. It requires focus (say “Uno” when you’re down to one card, strategizing to use a special card to reverse the turn, change colors, etc. The basic idea is to match the most recent card on the table with either the card with the same number or color.


This classic family game, fun for people of all ages, requires quick drawing to explain the term you’ve been given. It does not require drawing skills, and it’s even funnier when people can’t draw.

The goal is to be quick and resourceful with your drawing so that other players understand your term as quickly as possible.

Escape Room in a Box

It is an exciting game for young and old! It involves solving 19 mental and physical puzzles before a mad scientist turns into a werewolfWhether you are searching for an antidote or an amulet, you will enjoy twisting your brain around puzzling problems and cunning clues. Can’t tell you too much without ruining the surprise, but these are not just pen and paper puzzles. There are locked boxes! Keys and codes that must be found! 

The excitement this game causes is immense and children won’t be able to keep still!   

For more: http://www.escaperoominabox.com/en-us

Dubious Documents Puzzle

Brought to you from the creator of the New York Times bestselling game developer, Nick Bantock. In this game the readers start by studying the introductory note and have to decode anagrams, pictograms, number puzzles and wordplays. When solved, each clue reveals one word—but the rest remains a mystery. Perfect for anyone who likes mysteries and solving puzzles. Available at Amazon.

Although this game might be a bit too intense for children it’s definitely suitable for young adults and up!

Strongly recommended by Jeanine, the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Edelwyn, a spiritual online recourse. As someone who loves puzzles and spending time with family.

3D Puzzles

Fun and engaging realistic DIY 3D Models (architectural building kits) that once completed will become a favorite decoration for the house, classroom or office; The whole family is guaranteed to enjoy clicking these puzzle pieces into place to create a stunning architectural model. No tools or glue required. It involves step by step instructions with each piece numbered, along with instructions guide.  Made of pre-cut paper and foam board, all piece’s interlock precisely. Idle for children and adults or for a parent-child or family activity.

Variations: 5 available now (World Globe, Eiffel Tower, Mayan Pyramid, Brandenburg Gate, Great Wall of China) To buy : https://www.amazon.com/

Mimeo Photos’ photo puzzles

Now you can turn your favorite images or designs into a one-of-a-kind puzzle. The best part about this one is you can make a fully personalized photo puzzle using your own images with set sizes ranging from beginner to expert challenge levels. Available in matte and glossy formats.

Photo puzzles are available (including children’s puzzles), up to 10-14 pieces. You can add up to dozens of images to a puzzle layout and personalize it with final touches like text and backgrounds.

For more: https://www.mimeophotos.com/photo-gifts/puzzles

Have a Great Time. Enjoy, Laugh & Relax.


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